Southwest Airlines

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  • Published : March 21, 2011
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Southwest Airlines - Effective employee relations program/ Career development Southwest Airlines Southwest is a major player in the airline industry, which employs nearly 35,000 individuals. According to an article, (Hollis, 2003), Southwest Airlines has taken a different approach to building interactively relationships with the company, with employees, and with its customers to ensure the success of the business. As a result, Southwest has sustained an enhanced growth and profitability when most airlines struggle to avoid bankruptcy. Fritz Petree, Senior Manager Career Development Services, states, “Southwest philosophy is to hire for attitude and train for skill” (Hollis, 2003, p. 2). Southwest has successfully launched Virtual University at Southwest Airlines’ the University of People provides professional and personal development for the entire workforce. They offer leadership classes, software training, and career development workshops. Southwest has made the company’s vision and goals clear to all employees. Southwest established a Career Development Services group, which enhances employees’ personal development and professional growth. Riordan should take note of the accomplishment on behalf of the programs established by Southwest Airline. These programs will provide a positive and proven guideline in employee potential. This will give additional securities to the enhancement of HR and provide a traceable means of career development on behalf of Riordan employees by identifying the training needed and skills that need to be developed. Riordan should provide its employees with proper training and support to achieve their career goal like Southwest. If Riordan were to compare the cost of having to hire and train new employees versus giving current employees added training they would find that retaining and training current employees will save more money. In addition to that offering training and development to their employees will make Riordan more...
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