Southwest Airline

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2. SWOT Analysis
2.1 Strengths
1) Focus on point-to-point service. This service provides more direct nonstop flights that can minimize delays and total trip time. 2) Low operating costs
- Use a single type of aircraft (Boeing 737) that makes scheduling, operations, maintenance, and training more simplified. - Outfit the fleet with fuel-saving, performance-enhancing blended winglet that extend flight range, save fuel, and reduce engine maintenance costs and takeoff noise. - Fuel cost saving. Southwest effectively takes advantage of fuel hedging to buy fuel at lower prices. And to cut fuel cost Southwest also takes some other actions such as carrying less water for bathroom, and replacing passenger seats with lighter models. - Equipment and technology application and outstanding automation processes. Southwest has invested significant sums in facilities, equipment, and technology to efficiently process customers such as online booking and boarding, self-service rapid check-in boarding pass kiosks. This also benefits the company because of fewer needed employees. - High asset utilization because of the quick gate turnaround 3) Continued leadership in customer service

4) High-spirited, unique culture
- Southwest’s brand of fun. It feels fun to fly on Southwest - Emphasize on employee as the most valuable asset
2.2 Weaknesses
1) The flights offered are primarily domestic and lack of flights to international destinations. 2) Most employees (approximately 86 percent) are union members and different union and associations are made by pilots, technicians and other service providers. 3) Morning flights are usually unavailable.

4) Only one class of seating is offered.
5) Operates mainly its own booking service, booking flights is not available except directly through Southwest Airlines. 6) Can only carry a limited amount of cargo and freight.
2.3 Opportunities
1) Further expansion in the international market. Pursuing code-sharing deals with foreign...
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