Topics: Southwest Airlines, Airline, Customer service Pages: 3 (610 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Project Proposal: Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines brings innovation and creativity to an otherwise stable industry. In contrast to competing airlines in the industry, the low fares, convenience, and technologically-innovative methods introduced by Southwest such as early check-in, automated boarding passes (user-friendly kiosks) have created customer value, leading to customer loyalty. Additionally, the company is known for positive recognition and empowerment of employees, who are consistently given advancement opportunities and provided the same value that is delivered to the customers. Southwest Airlines is an ideal company for this research project as it essentially stands out in an industry where the consumer has trouble differentiating between the competitive options.

Southwest is in its 42nd year of service. The Dallas-based airline dedicates itself with exemplary customer service, which it stands on to differentiate itself from other airlines in the industry. The focus on customer service, combined with employee value, makes this company a significant one to research; it has an innovative strategy that has not yet been matched in the industry. The company currently serves over 100 million customers each year, and is staffed with nearly 46,000 employees. Service began in 1971 with three Boeing 737 aircrafts and served three Texas cities (Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio). In 1989 the company exceeded the billion-dollar revenue mark, becoming recognized as a major airline. Today, the company continues to offer low fares and serve more domestic customers than any other airline. Again, there is an innovative focus to the airline as it offers low fares without so-called annoying fees, promotes outstanding individuals as employees, and provides safe and reliable operations. Southwest has essentially developed its own culture to separate it from other airlines in the industry. In doing so, the airline has established a loyal customer base that does not...
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