Southeast Bank Ltd.

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Introduction of Southeast Bank Limited
(Mirpur 10)

The emergence of Southeast Bank Limited was at the juncture of liberalization of global economic activities. The experience of the prosperous economies of the Asian countries and in particular of South Asia, has been the driving force and the strategic operational policy option of the Bank. The company philosophy - "A Bank with Vision" has been precisely an essence of the legend of success in the Asian countries.

Southeast Bank Limited is a scheduled commercial bank in the private sector, which is focused on the established and emerging markets of Bangladesh. In Dhaka, the first branch was launched in 1995 and the bank has been growing ever since. Southeast Bank Limited has 25 branches throughout Bangladesh and its aim is to be the leading bank in the country's principal markets. The bank by concentrating on the activities in its area of specialization has achieved good market reputation with efficient customer service. The Bank is committed to providing continuous training to its staff to keep them up to date with modern practices in their respective fields of work. The Bank also tries to fulfill its share in community responsibilities. By such measures the Bank intends to grow and increase shareholders' earning per share. Southeast Bank Limited pledges to maximize customer satisfaction through services and build a trusting relationship with customers, which has stood the test of time for the last eight years.

Our Mission

High quality financial services with the help of latest technology. Fast & accurate customer service.
Balanced growth strategy.
High standard business ethics.
Steady return on shareholders' equity.
Innovative banking at a competitive price.
Deep commitment to the society and the growth of national economy. Attract and retain quality human resource.

Our Core Strengths
Transparent and quick decision making
Efficient team of performers
Satisfied customers
Internal control
Skilled risk management

Our Core Values
Insight and Spirit
Enthusiasm for Work
Business Ethics


HRM is a strategic and systematic approach to managing people in a way that would maximize their motivation and contribution towards meeting the organizations objectives. A HRM plan is a departmental document which sets out what programs are required in the following few years to practice HRM in the department. The aim of a HRM plan is to help the department to achieve its mission and objectives through a systematic design and implementation of HRM programs.


At first we present our due regards to the Almighty, who have provided us the brilliant opportunity to build and complete this report successfully with good health & sound mind. We would like to express our feelings & great affections along with our heartiest appreciation to Mr. Mohammad Fateh Ali Khan Panni, Lecturer, for his kind co-operation. We would like to thank MD. Subhankor Barua, Manager Department of HRM Southeast Bank Limited; Rubana Akhter, HRM head Southeast Bank Limited Tetile; S.M. Arif Reza, assistant to the HRM Southeast Bank Limited and many valuable HRM related people who spent their imperative time shared their experience to complete our research paper.

Executive Summary

This report is described the total HRM function of Southeast Bank Limited (Mirpur 10). Here we described HR Planning, Recruitment, Selection, Training and Development, Performance Appraisal and Compensation Management. Here we mention how HRM practice in a real situation. And try to find out there failure and find out the solution.

Section 1

Objective: This report covers the whole operations of the HRM department. And we try to bring here the actual scenario of this particular organization.

Developing a HRM plan calls for a shift in the way...
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