Southeast Bank Limited - an Overview of Strategic Management

Topics: Strategic management, Bank, Interest Pages: 34 (7988 words) Published: February 23, 2013

This paper has been prepared in order to present an analysis of the strategic management of Southeast Bank Limited. The assessment will present the major challenges and opportunities of managing a private commercial bank as well as the actions taken in the previous two years in formulating and implementing strategies. The completion of this paper will provide a comprehensive report of strategic management to the reader. Information was collected from both primary and secondary sources to compile this paper. The sources include an interview of the Assistant Vice President of the bank, data from two annual reports, and theoretical knowledge from various management text books. The paper looks at strategic planning and strategic implementation of the bank from three different angles; corporate level, business unit level and functional level. The corporate level strategy looks at the techniques employed to identify and combat the various risks and threats, i.e. risk management. The business unit strategy discusses about the different Strategic Business Units (SBU). It talks about conventional banking and loans and advances as two separate SBUs and sheds light on the strategies used to manage them. The functional level strategy outlines the various departments of the bank and focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a functional activity. It then discusses about the strategic planning of the CSR department and lists their socially responsible actions. To ensure a better understanding, the paper looks at a SWOT analysis, a Boston Consulting Group Matrix and evaluates the firm’s competitiveness according the ‘Five Forces’ of Michael Porter. In conclusion, the paper sums up on the strategic management process of the bank and offers some feasible recommendations.


Origin of the Report
The term paper is a part of our course requirement. The purpose of this report is to provide us a scope for practical experience. This will help realize the extent of coherence between academic and practical applications of the learned curriculum.

This paper was assigned by our management course instructor to develop our managerial skills and to understand, also to analyze management process of a particular organization of our choice.
We choose to do our report on strategic management of a Southeast Bank Limited, keeping in mind our working interests and availability of enough resources to obtain the information necessary to complete the paper.

The key objective of the report is to provide a deeper understanding on the academic teachings of the principles of management by analyzing the banking industry.

The report aims to reflect the real life strategic management of the banking sector, more specifically, that of Southeast Bank Limited; and while doing so, understanding the role of such management in maintaining the bank’s business.

Furthermore, the report is meant to illustrate the methods of incorporating the different strategic methods of management of Southeast Bank Limited in the services presented by the financial institute.

To begin the paper, we first discussed the options we had to collect the needed information. This helped us to choose the best option for an organization and the topic we could pursue for the preparation of the paper.

Secondly, we located the sources from which we would collect the required information. Here, both the primary source and the secondary source of information were taken under consideration.

After establishing the required sources, the work was divided among the group members, judging individual abilities. Moreover, a time limit was set within which everyone would complete their task. In the end the individual work was compiled and reviewed.

Necessary editing was taken care of so as to keep the coherence of the paper and make it easily understandable.

The report will try to bring some in depth knowledge about...
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