South Delaware Coors Case Study

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  • Published : April 19, 2012
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The situation facing Mr. Larry Brownlow is a tough one. He is young with minimal money to work with. This shows that he must be careful and research all of his investing activities closely. The problem that faces him is deciding if opening a Coors Beer brewery in his area of Delaware is a profitable investment. The beer is obviously not widely carried in the area so that makes the situation that much harder. He has less information to work with. This is why he contacted the Manson Research Firm. That presents the second problem. The firm will do the research to help do a feasibility analysis, but the information is not cheap. Larry is working with about two weeks until the deadline to submit an application for distributorship. He also only has about fifteen thousand dollars to fund his research activities. He is currently working towards his MBA so he has limited time. Traditionally he could invest his own time and do some research on his own but his studies demand a large amount of his time. In addition, the information that Manson could provide could be much more helpful considering that they are a professional firm that specializes in these types of research activities. So the main question is to decide whether to invest in the distributing opportunity but before that he must decide whether he should invest in the research and information that Manson Research can provide.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of the information provided by Manson Research is not cheap. They provide a plethora of different studies that can aid Mr. Brownlow in making his decision. Manson presented Mr. Brownlow with two stages of research. Stage one would be based on secondary data and Manson computer models. Stage two would be based on strictly primary data. First, they have a study that looks into Delaware beer consumption for 1998 through 2002. This would be very valuable because before you start trying to distribute a product in an area, you must decide whether...
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