South Beats

Topics: Drum kit, Low-pass filter, Band-pass filter Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: February 17, 2013
DirtySouth Beatz Tips
By: Killa K at

First of all, when it comes to making crunk beats, the Roland TR-808 Drumkit and Parametric EQ is your best friend. Start up Fruityloops with the 808 drumkit, and put the Tempo at 80 or 160 BPM (got this tips from Dirty States Of America dvd). Making your drum pattern then do the following:

1. Put a compressor on your Bass Kick (BD_2 on FruityLoops), with a ratio of 2.5:1, the gain 5.0, the threshold -10 db, the attack 2.5, the release at 200ms, and the type on vintage.

2. Put a parametric eq on the same Bass Kick, with a low pass filter type from 125Hz down to 80Hz for a normal Bass, or 80Hz down to 31 Hz for a Lil Jon Low Bass Boom.

3. Put a compressor on your Kick drum (BD on FruityLoops), with the presets "Drums."

4. Put a parametric eq on the same Kick Drum (BD), with a high pass filter from 90Hz down to 70Hz for more hard thump, make sure to leave room so the sub bass can set underneath it. 5. Apply some decay on your snares, hihats, claps, and kick if you like.

6. You can apply flanger on a copy of your bass kick, snares, or hihat, if you like.

7. Use Mda SubSynth on your bass kick, mess with the Hz to get that bass sound that you'll like in your music.

8. Besides using a bass kick, you can use a bassline like Three 6 Mafia sometimes, with a deep sine or square wave (play it in the C2 to C3 area on the piano roll screen), and treat it like a bass kick, apply the same effects to it as if it was a bass kick.

9. You also can down pitch 1 or 2 octave, to get a good bass drop, or even sub harmonies.

10. When making crunk beatz, don't be afraid to customize your sound, even create your own style of crunk with the 808s. You can do this with the parametric eq, just play around with it on the kick, snare, hihat, claps, ohh, and more.

If your bass comes out too loud, try some low pass filter on it from the channel browser.

I hope this ebook will help you on making...
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