South Asian Belief Systems

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South Asian Beliefs Systems

Between 1000 BCE and 600 CE, there were many changes and continuities in the belief systems of South Asia. In 1000 BCE, Greece had their polytheistic religion with gods and goddesses. Persia’s religion included magi and the beginning of Zoroastrianism. Also during this time period, Indian religion included Krishna and Veda. In the span from 500 BCE to 4 BCE, there were many changes along with continuities in the religions of this region. Persian religion still included magi and Zoroastrianism. Greek religion included sacrifice and temples for their gods. Roman religion included pax deorum and Chinese religion included the belief that divinity resides with nature. Daoism Confuciam and Buddhism were practice during this time also. In India there was Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism along with other small religious beliefs.

Ancient Greece was a civilization on polytheism. This civilization believed in many gods and goddesses. These gods and goddesses were the basis of their everyday lives. Everything that occurred was somehow related to the deities and what they were thinking. Some of the gods and goddesses of this time were Zeus, Poseidon, Hera and Hades. Also in this time period were the Persian magi. Magi were the priests or ritual specialists of the time. They supervised the proper performances of sacrifices. Indian religion also began to form during this time. Krishna was a part of this region’s religion. Krishna, a god, was the organizing principle behind all creation.

From 500 BCE to 4 BCE, there were many changes and continuities in the belief systems of the South Asian civilizations. Persian magi still existed during this time. The belief known as Zoroastrianism was created and practiced during this time. Zoroastrianism is the belief in the god Ahura Mazda as ruler and Angra Mainyu as the satanic figure. In this religion, there are two main principles. Asha, the principle of everything being good in the world and...
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