South Asia and Management of Energy Security 

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* Introduction: The article named south Asia and management of energy security has been written by a well known associate professor of international relations miss DR MUSARRAT JABEEN Quetta university Baluchistan. The writer herself a very competent and well known to her subject of specialization with the great exposure of international systems and relations also read one other books of her by the name of legacy of china which is one of her successful stories and proof of her good thought of school. After now introducing the writer I would like to introduce the under attention article of the writer which is south Asia and management of energy security.

* Summary (major points): in the article the writer talked about many things and tried to focus on the fact that energy security hinges on the demand and supply systems in terms of energy management. She used a word of hinge in her sentence which is the demonstration of a beautiful making of preposition by writer which means a joining device on which a lid or door turns when it opens. When comes to the major and focal points of an article I would like to firstly translate the meaning of energy security which means that smooth and reliable transaction and movement of energy between supply and demand systems of energy. The emergence of supply and demand is from the economic world and as per my understanding with these terms I conclude that there should not be a supply and demand gap in the systems of energy otherwise I will create a question on the security of energy which is the smooth transaction of energy. Importantly major points for supply and demand are rolled under three dimensions:

* Dependency

* Certainty

* Affordability
As energy is the most important security for all the nations and states because a great sense of competition exists among nations for energy security as energy is one of the basic requirements for economic development and economic growth. There are some important factors in the given articles which are responsible for the increase in demand * High rate of population

* Stress caused by economic growth
* Economic dualism
* Structural transformation
* Physical capital formation

This study basically focuses on the supply and demand systems crossing south Asia at the confluence of central Asia and Middle East south Asia has specific energy security issues. One of the growing demands of energy is that china is becoming the world’s biggest economic power very soon in future due to china needs the cost is kept on increasing specially in south Asia. The region specially discussed in this article is south Asia in which Pakistan is included which would be the route and supplier of energy very soon in future but this might not take place very soon because of our energy crisis at national level. India which is only the supplier and Afghanistan which is the route of energy can also create political barriers to other states of south Asia especially for Iran who is the biggest supplier of energy among south Asia countries. U.s Europe and china’s interest has made some political environment in south Asia. As oil is one of the most important ingredients of energy so U.S who is the only power of world wants to control all pricing management of oil especially in Gulf States? In view of geographical location PAKSITAN has a great importance for all because we have gawaddar port we have Karachi port and we have so many other routes which actually links with the boundaries of AGHANISTAN INDIA IRAN and across the river to the Gulf States. The writer has taken up some important qualifications about PAKSITAN which in my point of view are very important.

* Pakistan is located at the confluence of central middle and south Asia. In short Pakistan...
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