South and North Side

Topics: Slavery, American Civil War, Slavery in the United States Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: March 27, 2013
1.It was more violent and the weapons became stronger. Bigger guns and better tanks ect.

2.Both sides in this war enjoyed their own unique advantages which they believed would be enough to ensure a quick victory.

The Union population of 22 million was greater than the Confederate population of 9 million. Further, the North was better able to supply those armies because it produced far more than did the South. Agriculture was the cornerstone of the Southern economy, commerce and industry were more important to the Northern economy. So the north could produce its needs, and the South had to rely on foreign trade for its necessities. The south was always short on supplies and basic necessities in the war.

The South did have at least two important advantages in their favor that made a Union victory . Most important was the fact that they had better military leaders. The South also had something of a "home field" advantage. Since the North was invading the South, the Southerners had to fight close to home. However, the strengths of both sides largely canceled out each other and resulted in a draw. The North had more resources that allowed them to continue the war longer than the South could. But only after a long, bloody fight.

3.Slaves before the Civil War gained their freedom in one of three ways. The most obvious, and most dangerous, was to simply run away. The Underground Railroad assisted them to escape to the northern states, and eventually all the way to Canada. Other slaves managed the journey on their own. But for every slave who gained their freedom this way, there were too many who were recaptured and dragged back into captivity. And as the Civil War approached, laws about runaways made even the northern states a perilous sanctuary. The laws permitted slave hunters to take escaped slaves( and not infrequently free Blacks accused of being runaways) back to the South.

The second way a slave could gain their freedom was by emancipation....
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