South African Budget Speech

Topics: United States Cabinet, National Assembly, Minister Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Introduction to Public Administration

The Cabinet consists of the President who acts as the head of the cabinet, the Deputy President and Ministers who are appointed by the President from the National Assembly, however, two ministers may be appointed from outside the National Assembly. The President assigns duties and responsibilities to the Minister and has the ability to dismiss them if need be. Specific responsibilities given to Ministers are known as a "portfolios" and each Minister is required to supervise these portfolios. Currently in South Africa there are 26 portfolios. (, 2013) The role of the minister is to understand his responsibilities and the portfolios which he supervises and make sure that he/she follows through with their specific portfolios. The budget speech highlights aspects of the country that need up-liftment; it ensures that money is properly allocated in order to generate these services adequately. In the 2013 budget speech, an amount of R57 billion was allocated to general public service, this included R 9.5 billion of the SARS budget, which is 1 per cent of revenue to be collected. R233 billion was allocated to education , sport and culture, this money is said to be used to focus on improving numeracy and literacy and expanding enrolment in grade R and attempting to lessen the backlogs in school infrastructure. (, 2013) Other areas of the budget speech indicated ways in which to improve health sectors and lifestyle sectors such as housing distribution of clean, purified water , transportation , higher education facilities such as universities and safety and security( trying to reduce criminal activities all round in our also highlights points on improving our teachers and training facilities. This shows how important the budget speech is in showing the public what the government is doing for us and what the ministers of the cabinets specific portfolios are especially when it comes to...
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