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South Africa and Unemployment

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South Africa and Unemployment

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  • April 2012
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Ladies and Gentlemen
Six out of 10 South Africans are unemployed. That means that only 4 out of every 10 of you sitting here today will get a job. This figure has been released by Statistics South Africa during the past week. We are no longer fighting an armed struggle where we fought for the freedom to choose where we live, go to school and get equal opportunities. We are fighting a struggle for jobs and a better education; we are fighting HIV / AIDS. I was not part of the armed struggle – however I saw the devastating effects it had on my parents and grandparents and their friends. Millions of black people voted for the ANC because they believed it would deliver on its election slogan of 'Peace, jobs and freedom'. They have found very swiftly that, although they have won political rights, other more fundamental changes will require a fight using the same methods that were used to topple apartheid. A deeply challenging period has opened in South Africa and practically every day real activity demonstrates more truths about the nature of the state, the roots of racism and the power of the working class more forcefully than most of the millions of words that have been written about that struggle. Dumping down the expectations of black South Africans is the height of racism. The respected academician and Rector and Vice- Principal of the University of the Free State, Professor Jonathan Jansen, a black man, bewails the tragic attitude of the ANC to dumb everything down to the tragic disadvantage of black South Africans. Leading the way, Umalusi, the organisations which proclaims to be “The council for quality assurance in general and further education and training” artificially inflated the average mark of the 2010 matriculants by 7% so that President Jacob Zuma can brag in Parliament about the progress the ANC has made in education. Professor Jansen wrote:

I have in front of me the 2010 "Statement of Results" for the National Senior Certificate statement of a...

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