Sources of Innovation

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  • Published: July 29, 2013
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Sources of Innovation
Innovation is a foundation of social change. It is the process of developing new methods or products to better facilitate how society operates. Whether it is a fundamental change, such as the internet, or incremental change, such as revisions to existing programs, innovations encompass sociocultural dimensions, which have the ability to manifest multifaceted and/or erratic ramifications. In turn, the intricate dynamics of innovation is what aids in its dismissal or implementation within society. Progression is crucial in order for society to develop, as well as prosper towards the future. Thus, what are the sources of innovation? This paper will depict innovation and its sources, as well as elucidate how the process of innovation is correlated with the progress of society, its' necessity, as well as how innovation diffuses throughout the world. Innovation

Harper & Leicht (2011) suggests, "Innovative action involves a linkage or fusion of two of more elements that have not been previously joined in just this fashion, so that the result is a qualitatively distinct whole" (pg. 232). Innovations are the outcome of collective ideas, or the missing element in everyday activities. The simple of act of independent brainstorming can conjure an idea that will revolutionize society. The Pillow Pet, for example, accumulated millions of dollars, after being exposed to the public. Impact Lab (2011) stated, "The idea for Pillow Pets dawned on Jennifer Telfer after watching her young sons smash down their stuffed animals in order to sleep on them like a pillow. So she set about creating stuffed animals that unfolded into plush pillows" (par. 6). Innovative ideas should gratify a particular need, as well as be priced so that everyday consumers can generally afford the product. Thus, let us explore the sources of innovation.

Sources of Innovation...
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