Source Investigation Into the Reform Bill Crisis 1830-1832

Topics: House of Lords, United Kingdom, Election Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Source investigation into the Reform Bill Crisis 1830-1832

A1) A speech by Sir Robert Inglis in the House of Commons, 2nd March 1831. He is sticking up for the upper class (probably bias) - he's made this speech to oppose reform and keep the rich in power. A2) It says that the House of Commons is representing the views of the whole country. A3) Wants to defend the claims of the landed, commercial, and professional classes. A4)

B1) A speech by George Canning, 1820 (He is in opposition to reform). It was probably written to gain support for the opposition of the Reform. As it was in 1820 it was probably to try and gain support for the Tories at the year's general election. B2) He is saying that if the right to vote were passed to the more populous cities, then many of the borough MP's would be lost. B3) He is opposing the bill because he doesn't want the more populous cities to vote, as it would mean the Tories would not have as many MP's in parliament. B4)

C1) Said by the Duke of Wellington, 1830. Might have been written to try and restore public faith in parliament. C2) Says the election system does not need changing.
C3) Opposition because he says it already represents the country. C4)

D1) Sir Phillip Francis, in support for reform (probably bias towards the Tories). Probably written to express concern for the current political system. D2) He is saying that it was far too easy and probably unfair in the way that he was elected as MP. D3) He is in support for reform because he says that he shall gladly quit out of the current political system, as if he put himself in for election to prove a point. D4)

E1) An extract from the Declaration of the Birmingham Political Union, 1830. It was most likely written as an effort to instigate change in the political system. 1830-1832 was a period when Britain came very close to revolution. E2) It seems to say that the 'Honourable House' is far too comfortable with its current ways and lacks the contact /...
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