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Source C is a public primary source. It is an excerpt from an article from The Argus Newspaper, 19th July 1915. It is from an article which was reporting on a march that took place in July 1915 by women who where demanding the right to serve on the home front by making munitions.

The perspective of Source C is that of the publishers and author of the article of the newspaper, who where Australians, supporters of the British cause in the war. Censorship by the British government would have limited the information to get out to other nations, and for other headlines, and so therefore it is to a certain extent, the perspective of the British government.

Source C would be considered to a large extent reliable because it is an accurate depiction of events and can be verified by other sources. This source is for public consumption. The content of the source is more factual as it is a report on a recent event, and does not contain a certain view, or opinion about the event. The reliability of this source is limited because it was produced by a newspaper in a country outside of the event, so the information let out was by a controlled environment - by the government may be limited or inaccurate.

By examining Source C, we can see that it is partially useful to a historian studying the variety of attitudes to the war on the British home fronts and how they changed over time, because it highlights the attitudes of women on the home front, and their eagerness to serve for the cause. However, its usefulness is limited by the fact that it highlights only the attitudes of women at one particular point in time, and not the attitudes of the general public or how they changed overtime, and is only showing the British side, whereas the question is asking about the home fronts in both Britain and Germany. Nonetheless, when used in collaboration with other sources it can be considered a useful source.

Source D is a public primary source. IT is an account given...
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