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At the moment, the executive MBA program focuses on the ideological layout of reflective progress from the model’s experience. The executives need to mirror deliberate on their own experience from past before using the present to gain a better future. The principal objective is making a theory to prove the development of the reflective. Finally, the following arguments will (1) the reflective executive concept, (2) the development of the reflective executive, (3) synthesis of findings. In this essay will be appraise the concept of the reflective executive. This concept describes the development of the reflective executive concept start with the study and description of the reflective thinking process, investigated by Argyris and Schon(1974), the necessary basic is on Dewey’s idea, the concept of the reflective practice and presented the practitioner was expanded by Schon(1983). The reflective exercise is importance to the improvement of professional artistry, the basics of the idea are knowing-in-action is a natural activity by everyday practice Schon(1983), reflect-in-action is in the middle of an operation without pause it.(Schon, 1983: 26), reflect-on-action is thinking backward to the activities in the past to find out their knowing-in-action might lead to an unanticipated result or may suspending in the middle of an operation. Raelin determines this method as “thinking about thinking”(2002:66). The result of this learning method supported by the collaboration between 3 ways of thinking (Roglio et al.,2006) which include: (1) Connective thinking, the basic idea of this way of concept system thinking (Senge, 1990), main notion is the word “connective” that presents the point of linking, of union. Executives use this to understand the system, also use to create resolution for some complicated problems. (2) Critical thinking, which is based on the concepts of mental models (Senge,1990), the idea of reframing (Handy, 1989), and the principle about other...
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