Sound Toy Report

Topics: Sound, Frequency, Hertz Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Sounds take up an important part in our daily lives. It provides the quality of life and makes our lives more entertaining and interesting. A sound is a form of vibration that travels in waves across an area. The further away you are from the source of the sound, the volume decreases. The closer you are to the sound, the louder the sound is. The pitch can be changed by striking in different strength or adding more or less amount of water into the glass. The aim of this investigation is to create a sound toy that is capable of making sounds that produce variable pitch. The instrument that I have constructed is like a xylophone but using glass cups. I hypothesise that the less amount of water there is in the glass, the higher the pitch of the sound. Materials:

4 glass cups
1.Line the 4 cups evenly, 4 cm apart
2.Fill the first cup with 10.4cm of water
3.Fill the second cup with 8.5cm of water
4.Fill the third cup with 4.7cm of water
5.Leave the last cup empty
6.Use your chopstick and strike the glasses hardly or softly depending on how loud you want the sound to be. 7.Make sure you strike the glass all the same or else the sound will be different and it won’t be a fair test. RiskManagement strategy

Glass shatterMake sure you keep glass away from edges
WaterMake sure you don’t do your experiment on the carpet or wood as you might slip on the water when you walk

SoundTrial 1Trial 2Trial 3Average
F 1111

Sound F Sound G Sound A Sound C

These results show that F has an approximate frequency of 1hertz per second, G has an approximate frequency of 1.5hertz per second, A has an approximate frequency of 2hertz per second and C has an approximate frequency of 4hertz per second. This shows that the lower the note is, the lower the frequency. This...
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