Sound of Thunder

Topics: Time, Future, Time travel Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Story: A sound of thunder
By: Ray Bradbury
From R is for rocket, New York: Doubleday, 1952

The story is about traveling in the time. It takes place in 2055; a Time safari INC company provides a time traveling machine to its customer, so they can travel in time and go to million years ago. Eckles, who was the first character of the story, decided to go to million years ago to hunt gigantic animal. He believed he can be the first person who has hunted the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The most important point of the story is how the slight occurrence could change the future and affect the earth and people who live in the future in long term. The company sent Eckles to the past with Mr. Travis who was the safari guide in to the past and Lesperance who was Mr.travis assistant. They told Eckles that he must not go out of the path. Moreover, he couldn’t shoot any other animals except those that had been marked. Some animals had been observed by the guides of traveling in to the past and they realized that they will die soon by nature accident. By the time Eckles saw the dinosaur he got scared so much and panicked; therefore, he went out of the path on accident. Travis was so mad at Eckles because he disobeyed him and stepped out of the path. He threatened Eckles that he either will take out the bullet from Tyrannosaurus’ body, or he will shoot Eckles. Travis explained them they can’t leave anything in the past because they don’t know how it will affect the future. He believed that killing even a mouse or destroying a plant could ruin nature circle and influence next fauna’s generations. When they came back to their own time they realized slight differences. Spelling was different; the reception looked slightly different. Also the result of the recent election had changed. And a guy, whom they believe is dictator, won the election. Eckles looked at his boot and saw the mud on it. When he looked more closely he noticed that he stepped on a butterfly....
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