Sound and Syllable Words

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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1. A) one - syllable word
- run
- ice

2. Syllable words:
- student
- structure

3. Syllable words:
- Qaurdian
- Negligible

4. Syllable words:
- responsible
- literature

5. Syllable words:
- university



D)could vs cooled Would vs wood
(U)U: vs (o) (Ʋ) (U) U: vs (o) Ʋ

Quite vs quiet Parking vs packing (I) vs (e) (R) vs (c)

Burger vs beggar
(U) 3: vs (e)

Question 2 & 3

1. Mostly teenagers are the intended audience for a blackberry phone because of the social networking like, bbm,twitter,facebook etc. as well as the music quality. The music sound is better than most phones.

2. This message is communicating to its audience that a blackberry's social quality is better than other phones because it can take a downloaded song and make the quality of the sound better. Blackberry has a large memory capacity for songs,pictures and videos. Blackberry has loads of music applications on its app world. A Blackberry is quite a fast phone and it does not slow down when using different app 's on the phone and the blackberry is a consistant phone most of the time. This advert has achieved its goal by compairing the Beatles music quality to the quality of the sound of the Blackberry.How the Beatles would always make a song better,this advert is suggesting that the Blackberry do the same with the songs downloaded onto its memory. This text in the advert starts mall and ends larger.This indicates that a Blackberry's sound is louder than most other phones.
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