Sound and Showoff Way

Topics: Sound, Sense, Color Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Kitsch is such an interesting word for explaining and or describing a person place or thing. It is a way to describe something that is so bad that it can be barley understood by anyone why someone would spend so much time making something that is so vulgar and hideous The definition of Kitsch according to Gilbert Highet is a “vulgar showoff, and it is applied to anything that took a lot of trouble to make and is quite hideous” (p.303). A perfect example of a kitschy item would be Flarp.

Flarp is noise putty that makes a frat like noise when you push it in to its container. This is a vulgar and showoff way to draw attention. For example, a young student has some flap in class with him; as he plays with it and makes a fart sound with it while the teacher is giving a lesson it directs every ones attention to the noise while it vulgarly interrupts the teacher. Flarp makes a wide verity of fart like sound depending on the position it is in the container and where it is pressed on. Flarp is usually a revolting color, for example the green is a mucus like color. Most of the colors are just atrocious and unsightly it gives you a headache. Also the smell of the flarp is just disgusting. The smell is like a piece of plastic that has be burnt, also it has a musty stench that can turn heads. Even the texture of flarp is awful; it’s moist and sticky. It’s slimy like a snail and squishy like play-doh. Flarp is just terrible sensation for all the senses.

Flarp was a very difficult to come up with and make. First someone had to have the idea. The idea was most likely thought up in a think tank; just a bunch of people siting around trying to come up something to sell. There must have been months before they idea was even conceived. When it finally became and idea the process on how to make it begins. All kinds of scientist had to come up with this putty that made fart sounds. It took years to make this putty. Now before it can be sold they have to make sure it is safe for...
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