Sound and Sense 16 & 17

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Sound and Sense 16&17
16. “There’s been a death in the opposite house”
1. By observing the poem we can tell that the speak is older. The speaker is a male watching a house across the street.  2. Shock,gloom, and numbness surround the first house in stanza one. The 2nd stanza is where the neighbors come to pay their respects and the doctor leaves because he’s no longer needed. In the 3rd stanza by saying that the mattress gets thrown means that the owner is no longer alive. The minister takes care of the situation and performs the last rites for the death in the 4th stanza. A hatmaker comes adn the undertakers arrives and is seen to be appalling, he is building a coffin for the funeral in stanza 5. In the 6th stanza it is saying that by now the news of death has been spread around that everyone knows now. 3. The word “appalling” in line 18 refers to something in which no one takes pleasure. “Dark” in line 20 refers to describing the outlook, wearing black because of death and the funeral procession that is sure to follow. 4. The speaker seems to have experienced death before and knows the signs of it by the doctor, the people want to get rid of the deathbed, the minister, and the hat maker. A matter-of-fact approach to death is taken by the speaker which suggests perhaps that he is close to death and it seeing what could possibly happen to him soon. 17. “When in Rome”

1. The first speaker is the caretaker of the second speaker, possibly a mother daughter relation, they are trying to find something to eat. The second speaker’s words are enclosed with parenthesis because they are her thoughts and aren’t heard by the mother. 2. The mother has a high opinion of herself for the reason that she is keeping the best food and most expensive food , the anchovies, for herself. The daughter is reserved and thinks that she doesn’t have the power to stand up and ask for more than what she is given to by her mother. 3. The...
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