Soul Healing

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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This ritual-service is a complement and a more advanced level of the Life-Regeneration empowerment. The latter has to be undergone before the 3-day Soul-Healing ritual may be conducted on your behalf. This soul-healing removes many karmic stains as permitted by the Higher Intelligences overseeing human evolution. Components of your occult structure other than the aura would be also be cleansed of psychic toxins.

Certain precepts of life may have been learnt by your soul, however, unnecessary karmic stains may still exist--these may be removed so that you need not experience their negative effects manifesting in your life. As a result of this soul-healing, aside from the many mundane benefits, you would also have a greater capacity for absorbing Light-energies, developing your psychic senses and attuning to the creative forces of the Cosmos. This is a long-distance (remote) healing.

After placing your order and after having received your particulars, we will choose the appropriate 3-consecutive days to conduct the Soul-Healing Empowerment ritual. We will inform you of the days/dates that we will conduct the empowerment. You may go about your daily duties as they will not affect the empowerment process. Our metaphysical operation would occur on subconscious and super-conscious levels of the psyche. When you are in a state of relaxation, during or after we have conducted the rituals, you should sense energy-shifts and changes in your aura, body, and mind. These would eventually affect your mind and emotions directing them towards a more divine expression. Complex preparation on your part before and during the empowerment process are unnecessary, however, a relaxed mind and non-strenuous work on the days before and following the empowerment-rituals would greatly enhance the success of the metaphysical operation. If you are able to fast from dawn to dusk on the days of the...
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