Soul Food

Topics: Southern United States, Cuisine of the Southern United States, African American Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: May 23, 2011
Its sights, sounds, tastes, smell, and touch are thought to evoke reminiscences of childhood, stir up emotions from the past, and aid southerners in creating new memories around the modern dining table. In the hearts and minds of southerners from the past and the present, only one thing possibly embodies such traits and induces such sentiment: southern food. Soul food certainly appears to lie in the heart of southern hospitality, traditions, and heritage, with a touch of soul remedy. John Egerton, a southern writer, called it, “Central to the region’s image, its personality, and its character” (Egerton, 1). Also naming it, “an esthetic wonders, sensory delight, also a mystical experience” (Egerton, 1). Soul food or as it used to called southern food is a traditional and cultural experience into our, African American society. Southern food is like a piece of thread woven into the fabric of Southern culture. Southern food will touch your soul, embody your spirit, and unleash your inner child happiness. Southern food represents togetherness, happiness, and an inspiring symbol of reconciliation. This typical cuisine is the gateway for all race and religion. Southern food certainly appears to lie at the heart of southerner’s hospitality, tradition, and heritage. African Americans traditional southern cuisine comes from the roots of slavery. Soul food started in the slave’s master kitchen. With an array of new ingredients at their fingertips and a well-tuned African palate, the cooks would make delectable foods for their masters. Suddenly southern food took a new meaning. Soon the slave’s cuisine became known as “good time” food. Fried chicken began to appear on the tables, sweet potatoes (which had replaced the African yam) sat next to the boiled white potato. Regional foods like apples, peaches and berries, nuts and grains, soon became puddings and pies. Possum was the meat of choice among slaves since hunting was done during the only free hours a slave had,...
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