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Fourth Quarter Project
60 points Due: Thursday 31 May 2012

Requirements for the projects will vary depending on the topic/activity chosen. Because selection of some topics is limited, students may work with a partner from Blocks C or F depending on the project.

On Thursday, May 3rd at 7:25a.m., students will begin to choose their topics. If you are unable to be present at 7:25 you may pick your topic (of those remaining) at the beginning of your period. Topics cannot be changed once selected and approved. Students are required to obtain all project requirements from me. Some topics can only be chosen once.

Projects are required to be submitted at the beginning of your period on May 31. Projects will be accepted one day late with a penalty of 18 points. (If a person from C block is working with a person from F block, the project is due C block.)

Suggestions for Projects
1. Construct a detailed 3-dimensional scale drawing (floor plan) of the interior of one partner’s home (one floor) and provide the scale measurements as well as the actual measurements. Must be multiple rooms. Partner project – can be chosen three times

2. Complete one of the activities from the Geometry from Multiple Perspectives Booklet. Activities are listed below and can each be chosen once. Act. 11The Cairo tessellation
Act. 12 The Archimedean Duals
Act. 14 Visualizing Solids
Act. 15Collapsing Cubes
Act. 16Fractal Carpet
Act. 17 Fractal Curve
Act. 18 Sierpinski Triangle Revisited

3. Create a Geometry Board Game to be used to prepare for the final exam. Creativity, accuracy, thoroughness and presentation will determine the grade. Partner project – can be chosen three times

4. Construct a 3 dimensional Sierpinski Triangle according to specifications. Partner project – can be picked once.

5. Investigate the life and contributions of Ray and Charles Eames. Provide a posterboard with a detailed written summary as...
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