Sorry vs Apologize

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Are You Really? : I’m Sorry vs. I Apologize
There are many situations where I’m sorry or I apologize are necessary. Sorry and Apologize are two words that seem very similar, but actually are completely different from each other. The meanings of these two words are commonly mistaken for one another due to how close the definitions are. They are actually two very different words with their own separate qualities. Sorry and apologize are very different because of the meaning of each word, the feeling of the person talking, and the reasons why the words are being used. Sorry and apologize have very different meanings. The word sorry shows regret, and sympathy. When “I’m sorry” is used, it is formal, and the speaker means what they are saying. A feeling of regret runs through the word as if the speaker did not mean for something to happen. On the other hand, to apologize for something shows accountability for the action that has happened. “I apologize” is an informal way of saying sorry for an action caused by the speaker. These two words have their own way of being effective.

Next, the feeling of the speaker greatly varies between these two words. When somebody says “I’m sorry” to another, is a heartfelt apology from the speaker. They mean that they are sorry, and not in any way meant for that to happen. However, when the words “I apologize” are used, it means that the speaker is responsible for the action that has occurred. The speaker feels regret for having done something to the other person, but admits that they are at fault. The feeling that each speaker feels greatly differs between these very similar words.

Lastly, each word is used for very different reasons. To say “sorry” to the other person shows sympathy for the other person. For example, if somebody says “My father has recently passed away due to cancer”, you are truly sorry in your heart that the man has died. There is sorrow in the apology, which comes from the heart. When the word “Apologize”...
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