Sorry for Disturbing You

Topics: Short story, Fiction, Communication Pages: 2 (879 words) Published: April 15, 2012
ESSAY: Sorry for Disturbing You
By Klara, 3.d

Life is about many things. Some would say friendship is gold, others that money talks. But one main thing that many people isn't listing that high, is communication. We have the ability to talk and express what we feel. That can be the key to loving relationships and a happy life, if handled correctly. But if one is not able to express those feelings, and not able to obtain intimacy with someone else it will lead to loneliness. The short story “Sorry for Disturbing You” is written by Richard Knight and is dealing with the importance of communication. It is about a meeting between two men that seem different but really may not be that different after all. The story begins with the main character, Ian, reflecting and looking back upon his meeting with Michael Phelps. After that the story is chronologically built and is stretching across a couple of hours. The story is told by a third person narrator with a view inside of Ian's head. There is no outer description of Ian and our portrait of Michael is painted by Ian's view of him and how he appears to be through the dialogue. Ian sees Michael as a helpless and possibly an alcoholic person: “He seemed lost, hanging on to the doorframe for support” (l. 4) “He looked ill. Or very drunk.” (l. 11) Michael is also compared to “a sobbing child” (l. 55) and “a helpless foal” (l. 87) to emphasize the state he is in.

There is something inside of Ian, reaching out for Michael. He really didn't want to let him in but still he did, because of his instincts telling him to. The same with starting a conversation with him. He still have some reluctance against Michael being in his house, so he finds him a chair that is “not too comfortable” (l. 26) It seems, through the dialogue, that Ian is not the best of communicators. For example: “What the hell am I supposed to talk about for ten minutes?” (l. 52) He don't know what to do about Michael and even less what to talk to him about....
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