Sorrow at Dusk Till Dawn: An Overview

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Richard Cruz
Professor Lux
February 8, 2013
English 1302
Sorrow at Dusk Till Dawn
Some of the sweetest poems can bring people comfort with emotions expressing love and happiness; however, every once in a while a poem can trigger sadness and sorrow. “Night Waitress” by Lynda Hull is a somber poem with an exquisite use of perspective and an emotional character that engages the reader and can shift them to experience life a different way. The poem is centered on a waitress describing her emotions while working the night shift in a restaurant. The poem involves the character directly expressing her aspiration, loneliness, and looks. I am convinced that Lynda Hull’s intentions are to allow the reader to have the ability to relate and grieve with the character.

The poem begins with the waitress expressing her lack in self-confidence about her looks, which resembles her praying Slavic mother. In lines three through eight she says, “I’m telling myself my face has character, not beauty. It’s my mother’s Slavic face. She washed the floor on hands and knees below the Black Madonna, praying to her god of sorrows and visions who’s not here tonight when I layout the plates.” From here Hull has not only let the reader relate to the feeling of insecurity, but has also brought the feeling of having undesirable qualities from a parent and a weak relationship with god. Some readers cannot help but think back to a time in high school when that thought had crossed their mind and the burden of depression it carries. People can also relate to the feeling that there might not be a god, regardless of religion. When a person’s entire life has been filled with misfortune, it is not uncommon to think like this.

The author presents a depressing sense of loneliness when she describes the men looking like as if they had no mothers and do not notice her as she brings them their coffee and silverware. A common Guzman pg.2

emotion that everyone in has felt at some point in their...
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