Soratic Questioning Paper

Topics: Question, Socratic method, Thought Pages: 3 (500 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Leann Lancaster

HUM115- Critical thinking

Soratic Questioning Paper

Everything Happens for a Reason

Soratic questioning was named after Socrates, the early Greek

philosopher/teacher, a Socratic approach to teaching. Socrates was one of the greatest

educators who taught by asking questions and drawing out answers from his students. I

interviewed my cousin Morgan. I asked her what is one thing that she truly deeply

believed in. She believes that everything happens for a reason. We talked for about

fifteen minuets on this topic. Morgan is twenty one years old and according to all her life

experiences everything has happened for a reason.

When I asked Morgan why she believed that everything happened for a reason

she responded. “Everything in my life bad or good has always shone me a reason

afterwards.” I asked “ Can you give me an example?” Morgan answered “Me and my ex

had a perfect relationship. He broke up with me for no reason. Come to find out he was

cheating on me the whole time. If I had never been through that horrible time in my life

I wouldn’t be the girl I am today. I would have never met my new boyfriend who I’m

head over heels for.” “When my ex cheated is when I realized everything happens for a

reason.” I said “Is there any other non-personal examples that makes you believe that

everything happens for a reason?” She said “ Take the story about the three year old boy

who died from e coil. He ate a cheeseburger from a Jack in the Box and died twelve days

later. I think the reason behind this was so that millions of other people could be aware

of food safety and be saved. The little boy’s mom is trying to change sanitation laws to

save people. Kevin died so others could fight for food safety laws and live.” Then I asked

“How does everything happen for a reason? Is it like fate? Or destiny?” Morgan’s answer

“Like fate, because God wants it to happen like that.” Next...
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