Sor 2 Unit Notes

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Dicuss how aborinal spirituality is determined by the dreaming

kinship ties identify a complex system of beloning and responsibilities within a clan. kinship ties govern the day to day life of the aboriginal people by determining issues from whome an individual is permitted to talk to and marry, to determining what are an individual’s responsibility is to other members in the clan.

Significance of kinship ties
Assign the responsibility to transmit the knowledge of the dreaming from elders to the younger generation. People are brought into the dreaming by different degrees according to their age and position in the community. This process of learning the dreaming is a life lonf pursuit. Ceremonial life- corobery, marriage rituals most ceremonies

Obligations to the land and people- Dreaming is inextricably connected to the land. The land is extremely important to aboriginal spirituality. Aboriginal people have refferred to the land as their mother and this is why they have deepened their understanding and apprectiation of the land. The land is the physical medium through which the dreaming is lived and communicated. The land provides a foundation for beliefs, traditions, rituals and laws because the stories of the dreaminf are embedded in the land. Also the land acts as a dwelling place for the ancestoral spirits and beings to belong. Since the land is reffered to as mother of the people, the identity of an aboriginal person is inextricably linked to the land. At the event of many important public events the aboriginal people

Discuss continuing effect of disspossesion
Seperation from the land- Dispossession began with European settlement in Australia. Within the first thirty to forty years of European settlement, the settlers wanted to remove the Aboriginals so that the land could be used for agriculture. European diseases to which Aboriginals had no immunity, wiped out large numbers of their community. However, some European settlers believed that the complete eradication of the Aboriginal people by natural selection was only a matter of time, because they considered Aboriginal people to be sub-human, barely above the chimpanzees on Darwin's scale of evolutionary development. This mentality justified the small-scale violence that rippled across the Australian frontier, as Australia's colonial history was marked with a series of massacres, poisonings, starvation and shootings.

Seperation from kinship groups-The loss of land as a result of dispossession leads to the ever-present burden of not being able to fulfil ritual responsibilities. Separation from kinship groups, results in the loss of language, which effectively means that the ability to pass on beliefs in an authentic way has been destroyed. Furthermore, separation from kinship groups leads to the destruction of the kinship system, which is a critical component of Aboriginal spirituality as it involves the passing on of Dreaming stories, traditional practices, laws and ritual responsibilities. Dispossessed from their traditional land Aboriginal people feel homeless, displaced and cut off from their spirituality and identity in the Dreaming.

The stolen generation-
he children were sent to be brought up in foster homes or government institutions. In some cases these children were well cared for and looked after. In other cases, maltreatment, sexual exploitation and humiliation were common. The removal of an entire generation of children from their families clearly had a destructive effect on the ability of these children to retain their cultural identities. Separation from tribal elders and prohibitions from using their traditional languages and practices was an effective way of severing Aboriginal children's ties with the Dreaming. The removal of these children from their traditional lands means that they could no longer learn or fulfil their ritual responsibilities. To deny indigenous Australians access to their land is effectively...
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