Sophronia Lui

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Sophronia Lui
Hong Kong, 1973 Sophronia Liu came to the United States. Lui earned her bachelor’s degree in English, and French and master’s degree in English from the University of South Dokata. She currently lives in Minneapolis St. Paul, where she is an organizer and educational consultant with the Asian-American community.

So Tai - Fai
This young man was a dirty, profane, and lazy. So Tai-Fai always caused trouble to his peers and to his missionary sisters at his Hong Kong school. He clearly wasn’t meant to be educated, and teachers were wasting their time and money on him. So why waste time on him? Sophronia Lui watches him every day in horror as his future breaks and falls.

So Tai- Fai at age 14 the maximum age for sixth graders. In the sixth grade he failed almost all his tests and his classes. He failed 3 out of 14 subjects including, English, Grammar, Arithmetic, and Chinese Dictation. Horrible kid with a bad attitude, he passed notes in class made inappropriate jesters toward his sixth grade teacher Sister Marie, and he was put in timeouts for being late.

Sophronia Lui’s classmate So Tai-Fai dare-devilish attitude was always a burden in her class. He shows up late and in a mess, his hair in tangles, dirt on his face, and in a worn out dirty shirt. Sister Marie their sixth grade English teacher always asked him “why are you so dirty all the time, doesn’t tour mother flat iron your shirt?” “What about insecticide?”

So Tai- Fai sometimes joked around and classmates thought it was a joke that he was consuming insecticide that he got from his dads farm, which took his life during the school year. He died on his way to the hospital, his parents sad and devastated on his side. So Tai-Fai was the oldest son out of three children. His dad was a vegetable farmer, and his mother worked in a local factory. So Tai-Fai helped out with his dad in the vegetable fields with crops in Wong Juk-hang, by the sea. Sadly, So Tai-Fai made it to...
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