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Enterprise report

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Enterprise report

An LCVP enterprise report by 5th year LCVP students in order to raise awareness of entrepreneurship in our school and to raise money for the Matter heart foundation and Alone.

Author: Sophie English.
For the attention of: Ms Harty, Link Module teacher and Examiner. Date: 07/12/2012.

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* This report is about a Trade Fair that took place on the 4th of December in St Dominic’s College Cabra. * We as c LCVP 5th year class were divided into groups and we were given different jobs in which we had to do to run the Trade Fair. * There were over 92 mini companies that participated.

* We also raised money for the Matter heart foundation and also Alone. It was a great success the judges arrived all the parents and also people in the local area and commented on how well organised the event was and how much they enjoyed it. * It also raised awareness that we as females can be entrepreneurs in the future. We raised 455 euro for the Matter heat foundation and Alone also we kept some off the money for ourselves to use for LCVP class trips. * I would suggest or recommend that future Link Modules classes should organise a larger venue to hold the Trade Fair as the library is too small to hold as many companies that participated. * In retch respect I feel the day went very well and we all worked very well together.

Aims and objectives:
* We hope to raise much needed funds for the Matter heart foundation and Alone by selling raffle tickets. * We hope to work well as a class by helping each other on the day. * I hope to develop my entrepreneurship skills by ringing people to ask them to come to our Trade Fair.

* We as a class brainstormed different ideas. We thought off ideas such as a non uniform day, or a school quiz. We then decided on the idea off a trade fair as it was a success in the past. * We then split into groups and each group was allocated different tasks that needed to be completed before the trade fair took place, there were groups like the layout group meet and greet group and admission group. * We had to arrange different times on which classes came town to the trade fair to avoid overcrowding in the library.

We did our research on how to organise and what way to go about doing our trade fair by asking the Business teachers, and also the last year link module class.

* We as a class discussed the idea of organising our schools annual Trade Fair. * We them talked to our Link Module teachers about our ideas on the Trade Fair. * We then went to our school Principal and Librarian and asked them for permission to hold our Trade Fair in our school and to ask the Librarian could we use the library as a venue to hold our Trade Fair. * We then divided into different groups and we were assigned different tasks and duties to complete.


The groups involved in planning were:

* Communication group: This consisted of Rachel, Shannon and Elizabeth. There job was to communicate with people who were coming to our Trade Fair. * Meet and Greet Group: This consisted of Catherine, Alex and Jasmine. There jobs were to meet and greet people who were coming to our Trade Fair on the day off it at the front door. * Permission Group: This consisted of Michelle, Eve, Eden. There jobs * Layout Group:

* Introduction Group:
* Technology Group:
* Tidy up Group:
* Presentation Group:
* Thank you Group:
* Chairperson:
* Secretary:
My Personal Contribution:
* I was a member of the tidy up group. We as a group had to tidy up after every meeting and on the day off our enterprise activity. I had to organise the sweeping brush and...
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