Sophie's World-- Book Review

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  • Published : April 30, 2012
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Book Review—Sophie’s World

Sophie’s World is ranked to be the most popular and attractive history of philosophy by its readers all over the world. The book starts from an extraordinary experience of a 14-year-old girl, Sophie. Before her 15-year birthday, she took a special philosophy course taught by Albert, a wired but knowledgeable guy. In the course, she got to know the greatest philosophers ever, from Socrates to Kant, from Kierkegaard to Freud. Meanwhile, she was also thinking the same questions as these great men, questions about the essence of human beings and this world. However, there was also something odd happening in Susan’s life. In fact, she found out that she was just a imaginary character in a book. Finally, she and her teacher managed to apply their knowledge in philosophy to get out of the restriction of their world and entered the outside world. Needless to say that this is an awesome book for someone like me who is interested in philosophy but afraid of studying the abstract and boring philosophic literature. While reading, I felt like I were Sophie and couldn’t help thinking about the question she was asked. In fact, those questions are attractive themselves, such as “ Is there such a thing as natural modesty?” and “What does it take to live a good life?” With these thoughts, philosophy is no longer a statue standing high in the sanctuary, but the applicable principle in our daily life. I felt that I must think over these things carefully, since they are about the reasons and goals of my life. During the whole reading process, my opinion was changing all the time because there were many distinctive theories which sound all plausible. However, after going through the whole book and a long period of thinking, I realized that I probably should build my own views and values. Since I am aware that an established philosophic mind requires life experience and constructional thinking, I would build my own philosophy gradually as I live my life....
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