Sophie's World

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  • Published : October 7, 2012
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“The only thing we require to be good philosophers is the faculty of wonder.” The thing about philosophy is you don’t need any special talents to succeed. It’s not like gymnastics, where you have to be able to do a handstand to be great, or like baseball, where catching a ball is a required skill. Everybody has the ability to wonder. It’s something we come out of the womb being able to do. Before I read Sophie’s World, I thought a philosopher was an old man who sat around and thought all day. Now, I know that is only partially correct. Philosophers do think, but they do much more than sit around.

“Who are you? Where does the world come from?” These thought-provoking questions are examples of what philosophers devote their life to answering. Sure, everyone wants to know the answers to these questions, but what makes a philosopher is the desire to answer them. Before I read Sophie’s World, I always relied on my teachers and parents to tell me the answer to these questions. They told me the most widely-accepted answers, that the world was created when a big explosion took place, or that God created everyone and everything. As a child, that was enough for me. Now, however, I want to know more.

“We see nowadays a conglomeration of old and new religions, philosophies, and sciences.” Today, there are so many people that are convinced what they believe is right. My grandpa, a devout christian, for instance, would fight tooth and nail to prove to a buddhist that the Lord is the one and only higher power. What makes his religion the right religion? An atheist will tell you there is no god. A muslim will praise Allah, and a buddhist will tell you that enlightenment is your ultimate goal. Each of these people will have their own convincing reasons to why they are right. But what makes any of these beliefs correct?

“The church thus inherited a view of women that is entirely without foundation in the Bible.” It is interesting to me that men did not think women were...
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