Sophie's Choice

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  • Published : December 22, 2011
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Sophie’s Choice:
Reaction paper

Emotional is the word that best describes how I felt during and even for hours after watching Sophie’s Choice. It was a drama, love story and a history lesson rolled into one. Meryl Streep gave one of the best performances of her career with her believable accent, passionate story telling and character. The Academy award was so earned and deserved. The 1947 post World War II era setting of the movie in Brooklyn made me think how my grandparents must have lived. My grandfather is German/Polish and grew up in Flatbush, Brooklyn. My grandmother was born 1937 in Berlin, Germany. She was ten years old when this movie took place. She moved to Brooklyn when she was 15 years old, because her mother married an American Italian soldier. My grandmother has spoken about many horrific memories of World War II. This movie would be too hard for her to watch. She is ashamed of her heritage at times. She remembers having to leave her home quickly to escape bombings and her train was the last train to make it out alive. She remembers being separated from her mother for 3 years because of the new West and East Germany borders. Her mother had to work 3 years to earn a passport to go back to be with my grandmother. She can remember living on just bread, butter and syrup for a while. Although life was rough for my grandmother growing up, it does not compare to the stories told by the main character of this movie, Sophie.

Sophie’s descriptions and feelings of how she felt about situations in her life and her children were very riveting and real. I did not realize why the movie was called Sophie’s choice until the scene came for her to choose which one of her children live or die. This was the biggest “tear jerker” moment of the movie for me. Sophie also had another choice to make at the end of the movie, which ended fatally. If she had stayed with the young writer and went down South to his family’s farm, she could have lived a long, happy life....
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