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mpleSample-1: Mechanical Engineering                                                                                                                                                         Top                                                                          

I deem it as an opportunity and privilege to let me say something about myself by way of introduction. I am ****, an undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering from ****, ****, ****, India and presently working as an Associate Manager in Steel Melting Shop of  Jindal Stainless Limited, Hissar, Haryana, India. The sweeping changes in the Global Industrialization and Design Engineering have made the role of mechanical engineer a really indispensable one. It has been my deepest desire to be a part of this rapidly burgeoning community.                             “The thirst for knowledge increases with the acquisition of it” –Thomas Carlyle.  I have always believed in the above adage, and realized early in my life that industriousness and hard work are the only investments that never fail.  If I were to mention one quality in me that sets me apart, it is my never-say-die spirit which has goaded me on and on.                                 My years in school, apart from providing a strong foundation in Math and Basic Sciences, also enabled me to develop my overall personality. I have participated in various annual training camps of NCC (National Cadet Corps) arranged by our school. I was also appointed as monitor of the class. Being an avid student in school days, I actively participated in science workshops. It gave me deep appreciation for science and my quest for more led me to choose Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry as my majors at 10 + 2 level. I was placed in the top 0.2% of nearly 200,000 enthusiastic students in the entrance examination for Engineering. Securing such a very good rank in the engineering Entrance Exam to get into Motial Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT), College of Engineering, one of the most prestigious institutions in INDIA, was the first step towards my goal. Educational enrichment occurs in environments that include a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, the College that includes students from various parts of the country i.e. a college like MNNIT meets such standards.                                A fascination for science and keen interest in the ever growing world of technology motivated me to take up Engineering and  I chose to major in Mechanical Engineering  for my under graduation with an intense urge to delve deeper in to the challenging field. The varied mechanical engineering courses have implanted a lot of enthusiasm in me. Attending of various mechanical workshops held in our college during National level Technical Festivals has helped me in understanding the practical aspects of mechanical courses. Of all the courses, Computer aided designing (CAD) has provoked a special interest in me. I have learnt CAD softwares like AutoCAD, ANSYS and CATIA. These Softwares paved way for the improvement in learning process of CAD. I have been an avid participant at many co-curricular activities. In CADWalk event of AVISHKAR2004-a national level technical festival held in our college, I have achieved a third prize. During AVISHKAR2005, I was the coordinator for the CADWalk. I even took classes for my juniors regarding AutoCAD software. I also have the sufficient software knowledge in C language, in which I wrote various mechanical designing programs (Of Gears). The Projects I have undertaken in our college:   

1) In summer vacations of third year, I have done a project of “Analysis of NOVA-B concern through statistical process control and modification of layout of champion load carrier body shop to reduce operator fatigue using ansys and Catia” in an renowned automobile company ‘Mahindra and Mahindra Limited’, Andhra Pradesh, India. 2) During the final year of my engineering course, a project of “Reduction of...
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