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“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and Confidence.”

Few golden words by Helen Keller, that has inspired me through lot of ups and downs of my life. These are like vital nutrients to my ears whenever I felt low. Since I was a little boy, I have been taught that everything can be done if one has courage and confidence to face it. So I did things wholeheartedly and always had confidence in myself to be able to do that work. And soon enough I found my interests in computers. Funny how I never really took it seriously and thought it as my hobby! But once I had to make a decision for taking up a major, how can I have not opted for Information Technology, i.e. dealing with the insides of computer. And once I started on with my Engineering degree I was certain to stay linked with this major.

My interest with my major was one of the main reason I could keep up with my scores in the university. I completed my Bachelor’s of Engineering in Information & Technology with First class. As I was studying in BE, I came across few subjects which made me realize that there are few characteristics in me and that can be utilised well with my interests. At undergraduate level I mainly concerned with the basic concepts and thus remain a step behind in the present day. According to me Master’s program forms a stepping stone for achieving superior scholastic goals. And that’s where I decided to do Masters in Computer Science.

Project & Training at under Graduate level
My final year project was Anisham’s Mobile handling Application. The Anisham is a security product which is developed by Navkar Infotronics, Baroda (India). Anisham is the Security System. Anisham mobile handling application is a Mobile application that supports a security System named “Anisham” by communicating with “GSM” device in the system, So that it can be operated and configured the system through mobile application....
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