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Topics: Management, University, Higher education Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: June 10, 2012
My name is XuanBach Phan. I am writing to express my interest in Master in Business engineering specialized in Supply chain management program of HEC School of Management at University of Liege and I would like to explain my motivation in a few words for the consideration on granting me the admission and scholarship. Even since high school, I myself have always keen on learning how mathematical theories and equations can be used in real life situations. This prompted me to study at the National University of Civil Engineering-one of the most prestigious technical universities in Vietnam. Majoring in Construction economics and management, not only am I provided the construction knowledge, but also I have a economic and managing background. While pursuing Construction Economics and Management field at National University of Civil Engineering, I realized that economics and management-related issues greatly intriguing me, explained for my choice of major for higher education. For this expectation, therefore, after having the degree of bachelor in construction economics and management, I decided to study postgraduate program. At that time, there were a lot of postgraduate programs within Vietnam and abroad. Searching information on the media and making reference from my friends and relatives helped me choose the NUCE – HEC-Ulg Joint –master program in industrial management. As being the collaboration between two universities, the program is divided into 2 years : the first year in Vietnam and the second one in Belgium. In the first year, I studied many subjects such as : Engineering Economics, Quantitative Methods, Human Resources management, Supply Chain management which are quite conformable to either my background or my major. However, as I got along with the academic subjects, I was extremely impressed with Supply Chain management course bringing me the knowledge related to managing the process of designing , planning, executing,...
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