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Topics: Marketing, Customer service, Sales Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: March 3, 2013
7.Please describe your personal and professional background including your interests and key experiences. Describe the transitions in your life-how you moved from each phase to the next. 8.During my final year of college at S.V.N.I.T, I was selected as a Management Trainee by ACC–Holcim. After a rigorous month of training, I was assigned a six month project on “Enhancement of the ACC brand " to optimize the business of ACC. Using the central ethic of marketing, I started by researching the brand connect of the company from vendors to general public. This research led me to analyze the pitfalls in the prevailing branding practices. I initiated a brand promotion campaign by giving presentations /fliers /kiosk to promote “ACC Holcim”, hence enhanced the lost mind recall of company. As target audience, corporate sector was chosen since they were the main decision makers when buying a house through any third party .The intension was to reinstate the selection of ACC cement. This effort helped in establishing brand equity for ACC without any help of media or advertisements, and also increased sales by almost 3%. This project earned me a lot of recognition by senior management which led to my new role “Assistant Manager-Corporate Sales”. 9.

10.This experience matured me as a marketing individual with knowledge of customer segmentation, building brand equity, and managing corporate relationships .As a result, I was offered a role of Financial Service Manager (FSM) at ICICI Prudential. My responsibility at ICICI was to facilitate corporate sales through vendor partners. Initially, I was assigned a vendor known as “dead partner” due to low sales. I took this opportunity and started my research efforts by visiting vendor branches to connect directly with the sales personnel at root level. The issues identified were poor client service and low morale of employees. It is my belief that customer service, product knowledge and positive mind share are key factors...
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