Sop for Cafetaria

Topics: Hygiene, Cleanliness, Food Pages: 3 (693 words) Published: March 7, 2013

Policy: To run the staff cafeteria operation most efficiently and effectively without any hindrance.

Operation Procedures:

1) Unit IR will be in charge of the staff cafeteria. In absence of Unit IR Security Officer will look after the operation of staff cafeteria.

2) Unit IR to evaluate the consumption pattern on daily basis and place the requirement of food to production. Wastage of food should be minimized. A register should be maintained to record every day production, consumption and wastage. This should be included in the daily MIS (Format attached).

3) Unit IR to maintain coupon system and staff who are taking food regularly should be provided with coupon book with serial number on every first day of the month. Coupon should be collected by IR/SO from the staff at the time of taking the food without exception. The custody of the printed coupons will be with the IR. When the printed coupon books are received by IR, the same should be entered in the register and coupons issued to staff/employees should also be maintained. On a monthly basis, the stock of coupon books should be verified and reconciled. (Printed Coupon books will be sent shortly). Till the time coupon books are issued, two different register should be maintained for regular employees, visitors/vendors etc.

4) IR/SO should maintain the list of employees who have been provided with the coupons and the complete list of employees with details of coupons provided should be given to HR for deduction from respective staff’s salary. Acknowledgement should be taken from the employees to whom the coupons books issued.

5) For those staff who are not taking food on daily from staff cafeteria and also for visitors/vendors/contractors etc., a different colored coupon should be maintained and instant cash should be collected from the as per the policy( For employees Rs. 45/- per meal and...
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