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1. Purpose

1. To establish and maintain documented system to control the activities related to Human Resources, which includes:

1. Recruitment and selection of personnel

2. Competence and awareness

3. Training and development

4. Employee empowerment and motivation

5. Performance management

6. Compensation management

2. Scope

1. This procedure is applicable to all human resources at TE.

3. Responsibility

1. The lead responsibility for the effective implementation of this procedure rest with the Head of Human Resources. However, other department Heads are responsible to coordinate as defined in the procedure.

4. Procedure

1. Recruitment and Selection of Personnel

1. The objective is to facilitate the recruitment, selection and appointment of appropriately skilled and qualified employees who can contribute positively to Thal Engineering’s objectives, values and culture.

2. Thal Engineering aims to attract, at reasonable cost, as wide a group of suitably qualified and experienced people as possible and to appoint the right person to each job, using a fair and consistent method of recruitment and selection.

3. Manpower Requisition

1. To raise position requisition of executive is the responsibility of concerned department and the first step in the hiring process. Before raising the manpower requisition of executives through Position Requisition Form (HR/01) or email, departmental head assures the requirement is absolute through assessing:

1. The necessity of filling the post

2. The tasks to be undertaken

3. The skills required doing the job

2. In order to process the requisition, following information’s are provided:

1. Replacement or new vacancy. Approval of CE will be attached in case of new vacancy.

4. Recruitment.

1. HR Department decides on the recruitment method with respect to the position. Both internal and external methods may be used for recruitment. Preference is given to internal candidates however merit is the prime criteria.

5. Selection

1. Short Listing: Scrutiny of the application is carried through methodical comparison of the CVs with the position description for short-listing of the candidates. It is done by HR Department, in consultation with concerned department.

2. Selection Test (if applicable): HR Department in consultation with user department will prepare the selection tools that are most appropriate to predict the success attributes (KSA) of the applicant.

3. Selection of Interview Panel: Composition of interviewing will vary with level of post being interviewed. However, representation of the HR and user department is obligatory. As a principle, Interview Panel should consist of at least Three (3) Persons.

4. Conduct of Interview: HR department will communicate interviewing panel and the candidates about the schedule of the interview through telephone or email. Following documents are made available for review of the panel:

1. Job description of the post

2. Application/CV of the candidates

3. Interviewee data sheet (HR/02)

4. Interview assessment form (HR/12)

5. Provisional Selection: After going through the credentials and interviews of the candidates, interviewing panel recommends most probable candidates (2-3 against each post) for CE’s interview which may or may not be held at his discretion.

6. Appointment Letter:

1. An appointment letter will be issued to the employees on joining. Appointment letter is signed by Head HR. Appointment letter is prepared in duplicate. The original is handed...
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