Sop Conputational Engineering

Topics: Mechanical engineering, Engineering, Programming language Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Motivation Letter

Since childhood I was attracted to mechanical aspects of Cars and machinery and I always wonder how it works? This Interest in Mechanical lead me to my Mechanical Engineering Degree which equipped me to acquire knowledge in fundamental Mechanical concept, the different topics that were taught and the practical experiments I performed provided me with the opportunity to analyze things holistically. I developed a profound interest in Automotive Engineering, Machine Design, CAD&CAM, and fluid dynamics, Mechanical Vibration, Finite Element Method and Fluid Mechanics. My good knowledge in computer programming language such as C and C++ provided the skills and ability to perform build and publish independent computer programs. The integration of later to solve complex physical problems arising in engineering analysis and design as well as natural phenomena is one of my continued passion. The curiosity and interest in the field of Mechanical engineering always motivated me to continue my studies and earn the honour in PhD, which largely known as the intricate mixture of study and research. The masters in Computational Engineering degree at TU Braunschweig attained my query and I realised this is exactly what I have been searching for! Few strong reasons behind my ambition to join the MSc. in Computational Engineering course at TU Braunschweig lie in its unique curriculum which involves many subject in my area of interest. I developed a profound interest in, Finite Element Method, Thermodynamics, Mechatronics, Simulation, Automation and software concepts. The curriculum also provides a hand on opportunity to work on project and a wide variety of elective subjects to choose from. Therefore I take this as an opportunity to increase my knowledge and satisfy my appetite in the field of Computational electromagnetic and Thermodynamics, Simulation, Mechatronics etc. and also to work on research projects on this field. Taking the...
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