SOP: College Admission

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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1. Give an indication why would you like to attend UWCSEA and the ways you hope to involve yourself ?

I have always wanted to expand my world and once I got to know about the college from my father’s friend I have been quite excited about UWCSEA as it seems to be the place that I have always aspired for. I had always desired to be part of an institute which would have a global perspective, where I could engage with persons from diverse backgrounds and cultures to expand my understanding of the world I live in. I have a desire to go beyond the boundaries of countries and culture and explore the world around and participate in it. UWCSEA seems to provide the environment for me to expand myself and engage in an international learning experience. I know IBDP is an academically and personally challenging course but the college provides a lot ofcurricular and co-curricular and recreational activities that will help me in taking up the challenge. The breadth of UWCSEA and IBDP curriculum will allow me to keep subjects of my choice therefore I will be more focused. I will use well-resourced library for assignments, research and wider reading. I understand that the course is going to be vast so I will have to plan in order to finish the course thereby learning time management. Moreover I will fully prepare myself for all regular assessments and exams. I will also use the services of university counseling center in order to plan my future university destination. I am an active swimmer and will try and improve skills with the help of qualified coaches & sports staff of the college. I will try to be member of college swimming team. I also like to play Table Tennis and will use college facilities to improve my game. I will actively involve myself in creativity, action and service programme of the college by participating in various adventure activities like rappelling & rock climbing, river crossing, tent pitching, rafting and trekking. I have already been...
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