Sop Cassava Processing

Topics: Cassava, Starch, Amino acid Pages: 7 (1961 words) Published: March 20, 2013
|Document ID: |Standard Operating Procedures’ Title: |Print Date: | |ORIGIN-CA2 |CASSAVA PROCESSING |08/07/2012 | |Revision: |Written By: |Date Prepared: | |01 |Ayodele E. J. AJAYI, General Manager Operations |08/07/2012 | |Effective Date: |Reviewed By: |Date Reviewed: | |mm/dd/yyyy | |mm/dd/yyyy | | |Approved By: |Date Approved: | | | |mm/dd/yyyy | |Applicable Standard: None | |Company: ORIGIN Group of Companies Limited \ Vegefresh Foods Limited, Nigeria. | |In Africa, cassava is mostly used for human consumption in various forms ranging from boiling the fresh tuber to processing it into cassava flour. | |[pic] Cassava starch in the making: freshly harvested roots roll | |along a conveyor belt at a processing plant in Brazil | | | |[pic] | | | | | | | | | |Cassava Starch. | | | | |

Policy: It is a policy of this Company to provide Standard Operating Procedure documents that contain instructions on how to perform assigned tasks. Purpose: The purpose of this document is to ensure that routine tasks on the farm are performed safely, qualitatively and in compliance with applicable...
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