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I introduce myself as an undergraduate student of Computer Science and Engineering department at XXXXX which is affiliated college of XXXX in XXXX. My aspiration to pursue a graduate program in your university is underscored by the fact that it offers flexibility needed for an in depth understanding of the vast and rapidly changing field of computer science.

During my early ages in school, I was given training in the basics of the operation and the applications of the computer. Initially, I was fascinated about the computer games. Later, when I was introduced to programming languages like ‘C’ and ‘HTML’ at my High School; I was dumbfounded to know that games are nothing but programs. I was then much involved in knowing, writing and executing the programs. As I grew up, there is tremendous change in the field of computers. The applications became much simpler and are with great visual affects, the user-interface got easier and computers are widely used by everyone. On witnessing this progress, I became fascinated about computers and its programming. This keen interest made me to choose Computer Science as a subject of my Bachelor’s Degree.

Apart from my academics, I have participated actively in many extra-curricular activities like cultural, literal and sporting events. I won second prize in the inter-college debate competition and I was also part of college basketball team which represented at the state level competitions. I also won many prizes in the inter-department competitions of our college. I am an active member of student council and had organized XXXX, a national level technical symposium in which around twenty national-level colleges took part. These activities have led to the development of a multifaceted personality and have equipped me with strong impersonal skills.

As my next step in my career is to pursue Master’s degree in Computer Science which will enable me to aggregate all...
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