Sooner or Later


Story by: Raju
Written by: Tanuja

EXT. Garden/ Joggers park - Day
It’s a bright sunny day. City is calm. Birds are chirping. We hear people are talking. Senior citizens are practicing yoga and laughing exercise. It’s a crowd comprising of all ages from senior citizen to children of all ages, college going kids; screaming, laughing. Everyone is busy in their own world. A child looks around and runs to his fellow mate, who is crying, the child shows concern toward him. Meanwhile another child is shouting some names out loud and a group of children runs towards him. Some girls are playing home-home. Some boys are playing cricket/football. Some are just chitchatting. ( no audio just plain background music. Visuals will be slow-mo, emphasizing mainly on different emotions of children’s.) We see ANKUR and AMIT are sitting at the corner of the park away from all children. ANKIT looks emotional and conscious like he is afraid of something or the other. ANKIT starts walking backwards away from ANKUR. Unaware of what’s going on, on ANKITS mind ANKUR breaks the distance and walks towards him asking.. ANKUR

Kya hua?
Maine kal raat mummy papa ko baat karte hue suna. Voh tumhein door bejne wale h. ANKUR
Arey pagal! Aisa tujhse kisne kahan?
Bhai, wahan dekho!
ANKUR looks at two ladies, sitting on the bench in the garden. One is ANKIT’s mother and another one is her friend. They are being civil and talking in a vey low voice. ANKIT and ANKUR tries to listen to them.

Aaj kal itni mehengai mein samajh mein hi nahi aata hahi aakhir kare toh kare kya!? Tax pay kare toh rashan mein samjhota, loan ka interest pay karein toh ghar ki choti moti zarurteinpoori karne mein samjhota. Interest, bill chukate chukate kahin hum hi karze mein na doob jayein. Uppar se ANKIT-ANKUR ki padhai toh abhi bas chalu hi hui hai. Itna sab ANKIT ke papa ki salary mein adjust kar pana bada mushkil hai. LADY 2 (...
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