Sony vs Microsoft

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Sony vs. Microsoft
Sony and Microsoft make a similar product game consoles the xbox360 with Microsoft and the ps3 with Sony the consoles are similar. Sony offers a free network but Microsoft requires you to pay first. The price of the Xbox is 200$ while the ps3 is at about 240$. Government decisions do not affect these companies because the consoles are imported. Both companies are targeting teenagers and adults under 50. Government decisions do affect what games come into country like man with the iron fists is not released in Canada. Games have a rating system. The game consoles that Sony and Microsoft are producing are different the ps3 has a higher quality bluray player vs. the Xbox has a standard DVD red laser player. Thee Xbox has a well designed controller vs. the ps3 having a somewhat poorly designed controller. The Xbox has a better chance of playing SD rather than HD. The ps3 on the other hand has a best chance of playing HD than SD. The Xbox although cheaper is shown through its features because on the ps3 you have internet browser while the Xbox you do not have internet browser. In layman terms the ps3 is better. The government decisions debate only what games are sold for that console per country because of each countries rating system. Games that are made in Canada aren’t always sold in the us it works that way with all countries in the world because they want country beliefs shown in video games because country want their beliefs shown what they play for in video games. Games are the only thing affected by government decisions though. Very few things in the console are affected by government decisions. Such as languages because where the console is sold.
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