Sony Swot

Topics: Apple Inc., Competition, Market Pages: 4 (1337 words) Published: December 12, 2011
* Sony has for a long time produced high end and usably durable goods. This makes them a good company to do business both on a corporate scale and a private scale as it goods have a long usable life. This separates them from cheap electronic Asian companies whose goods are designed to not last as long so the goods are bought more often. This long life of its products make it a very appealing to business as they can now buy the product and know that if it has the brand Sony on it will be durable and last long enough to make the expense of the good worth it. * Sony’s Play stations are probably its most profitable product. It is well recognized as one of its best innovations ever. It s estimated nearly half a billion play station consoles (PS1, 2, 3, PSP) have been sold worldwide (Wikipedia). This has caused the knowledge and information of Sony to be known in every continent and most countries in the world. Along with the coming of the PS comes the games and other accessories that most people would want with the play station (games, controllers, web cams and TV’s). * Sony has a large range of electrical good from TV, radios, mp3 and play stations to CD players, cameras, laptops. These wide ranges of goods allow Sony to be mentioned in many markets. Due to the advancements in technology management has increased productivity and the quality of many of these goods and has included in them many new functions (3D in TVs and blue ray in DVD players). Also management at Sony has also kept well on top what is expected from today’s consumer audience and has got up to date in the tablet market (Sony Tablet) and also the phone market or Smart phone (Sony Experia). * Most of Sony’s development and research sector is in Japan where it first begun allowing management to save money in expenses where in Europe and America employment cost are high and would decrease their profits. Their production plants or factories are ion China where...
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