Sony Restructuring

Topics: Book value, Holding company, Management Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Case Study Analysis for Symphony Seeds

The following analysis of Symphony Seeds will go through the following topics – i. The environment and likely organizational structure of Symphony Seeds Sales (SSS) and Symphony Research Institute (SRI), ii. Role and Importance of Land Development Corporation (LDC), iii. Problems of evaluating SRI and SSS from Conglom’s perspective and a comment on their inter-company trading process

Based on the case study, the environment and organizational structure of Symphony Seeds Sales (SSS) and Symphony Research Institute (SRI) are of two separate divisions belonging to one subsidiary, Land Development Corporation, belonging to holding company Conglom Holdings Ltd. Symphony Seeds Sales acts as the trading arm. Sales would ultimately depend on Symphony Seeds Sales as production is to Symphony Research Institute. Theoretically, we are able to see Mintzberg’s five basic parts of an organization. The operating and supporting core can heavily be assumed to be under SSS, SRI and Symphony Seeds Management Committee (SSMC), wherein they carry out the main operating and support functions respectively. To add on to the last statement, the support function will assist the operating function in producing output. Conglom Holdings Ltd. acts as the strategic apex part of the organization wherein it decides and announces the overall direction that the company is taking. Finally, Land Development Company or LDC of the organization acts as the technostructure and middle-line function out of Mintzberg’s five basic parts to an organization. LDC provides announces the objectives of SSS and SRI which tie up to the overall objective thus acting as a link between the strategic apex and the operating and support functions.

Other than that, other than the vertical communication, we are able to see direct lateral communication between SSS and SRI to enable coordination and collaboration between what is to be produced to achieve optimization...
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