Sony Ericsson Marketing Strategy

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1. Introduction
1.1 Background
Sony Ericsson was found in 2001 as a joint venture owned in equal parts by the Sony Corporation and Ericsson AB. The mother company, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, is registered in Sweden where also its headquarters are. Since it dominates the market with a market share of around 45%, Sony Ericsson is the market leader in Sweden in the mobile phones sector in 2007. The continuous popularity of its new mobile phones will ensure that the company continues its leading position in the Swedish market. However, due to narrow products, the market share was rapidly decreased in recent years. The economy is engaging a worldwide slowdown and confronting a challenging market environment. Some experts are forecast to most of the technological economies contract in 2010, compared to slow growth rates in 2009. According to research report, from the fourth quarter the decline in the global mobile phone market has begun to slow down and economic survival is steady. Sony Ericsson has produced a series of new product, including Satio, Aino, Yari, Xperia X10, which aimed at the young person. These new products will help Sony Ericsson in the fourth quarter, occupied certain market share and bring about a new look. 1.2 mission, objectives and strategy

A mission is the company’s purpose. The company views a clear mission statement as an ‘invisible hand’ that guides people in the group, so that they can work efficiently and effectively towards overall organizational goals (Kotler, 2006). During the Christmas and New Year the company will establish a series of marketing promotion strategy and new products to stimulate the market. Through the market segmentation and position and investment the company will increase their market share and brand value by 8%, and its profits will increase 200 million in 2010. The external audit and internal audit will examine the macro-environment and all aspects of the company to fulfill the objectives. 2. External marketing audit

The macro environment and task environment of a company will be examined by the external audit or marketing environment audit (Kolter, 2006). 2.1Macro environment
A larger macro-environment of forces brings opportunities and confronts threats to the company. It has the six most elements in the company’s macro-environment (Kolter, 2006). 2.1.1. Economic environment

The UK was still in recession in the third quarter of 2009, the longest records began since the 1950s, while some of its other European countries are recovering. However, as UK business lending is struggling, holding back investment and employment opportunities, economic recovery and consumer spending potential will be slow. But it means that the downturn in the UK has bottomed out with analysts expecting a return to growth in the fourth quarter 2009 and the first quarter 2010 ( 2.1.2 Demographic environment

The main factor behind population increase was immigration, which increase from 64,000 immigrants in 1995 to 154,000 in 2007. Meanwhile, a decline in the birth rate during the previous period was more than boycott by a decline in the death rate. By 2015 the number of teenagers in the UK is projected to decline by 9.5%, to 5 million. As the birth rate decline, major population growth was mainly dependent on the immigrant population (  2.1.3 Culture environment

Consumer spend on leisure and entertainment went up by 53.7% spending on photographic, audio-visual and information processing equipment rose by nearly 60% to £24.1 billion. Digital photography equipment, camcorders and related electronic products became much more powerful and affordable ( 2.2 Micro-environment

The task of marketing management is to attract and build relationships between with customers by creating customer needs and wants and satisfaction that will depend on other elements in the company’s micro-environment (Kotler, 2006)....
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