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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Sony Electronics Inc
Sony is one of the world’s most well known electronics stores in the United States. From televisions, to gaming systems, computers, cameras and much more, Americans have looked to Sony to provide products that out-do past devices. Sony brought in 78 billion dollars for the fiscal year ended 2010 and employees 167,000 people. Sony doesn’t only sell products, but has many other companies that run within the Sony business name. Whether it is the production company in the music studio, the making of motion pictures, or basic retail stores, Sony has branded its name internationally around the world.

Sony has a list of values that they stand by: FAST. This acronym stands for Focus on customer, Accountability, Speed, Teamwork. In order to accomplish these values, Sony enacted behaviors they refer to as “performance accelerators”. For this specific intern position, some accelerators needed include customer focus, problem solving, striving for answers, along with several others. All of these responsibilities are achieved through the following of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

The Accounting Internship that is available allows potential interns to do the financial work that allows this billion dollar company to succeed. They will work under the Accounting Service Center doing Sales Audit Processes for their direct sales. This entails being able to run cash and credit transactions for their online site and store locations. Within this, interns will be dealing with bank reconciliations, general ledger postings, closings, and data analysis. The intern will be supported by other members of Sony for help and also available to help others as well.

I fill the requirements for this position very well. You must be enrolled at a university, have a minimum GPA of 3.0, good with using Microsoft Excel, flexibility of working a 25 hour week, be detail oriented and numerous other conditions. This internship has the potential to not only be a great learning...
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